Senator Marco Rubio is without a doubt the largest critic of Communist Cuba. Only moments ago, he tweeted about the historic uprising taking place in the streets today, saying “We have NEVER seen a day like today in #Cuba,” adding, “62 years of misery, repression & lies boiling over into organic, grassroots protests in over 32 cities.”

In March 2016, Barack and Michelle Obama attempted to normalize the brutal Communist country with a trip to Cuba, where they spent much of the day with the brutal dictator Raul Castro. And what trip to Cuba would be complete without a picture of our community agitator in chief standing next to Raul Castro and in front of the repulsive, murderous, revolutionary Che Guevara:

Barack, Michelle, and the Obama girls also spent the afternoon in the oppressed country of Cuba at a baseball game with the murderous thug dictator:

It’s all fun and games for our communist sympathizer in chief only a short time after the announcement of the Brussels terror attack.

Today is a different story. Today, is a historic day, not for Raul Castro, but instead, for the thousands of Cuban citizens protesting who are standing up for freedom in front of the Capitol in Cuba.

It’s also historic because this time, Cuban police are also joining in with the protesters.

Here are a few more incredible videos from the protests:

America must stand firmly behind Cubans who are fighting for their freedom—the question is, will the Socialist Communist Biden regime stand behind the citizens or will they stand behind Barack’s buddy Raul Castro?

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