UPDATE 12:09: 1 Suspect in custody. 1 suspect pinned down.

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Dallas Police Department Chief confirms 10 officers have been shot. Three officers were KILLED, three are in critical condition and two are in surgery.

Reports are now stating that two snipers were involved and that the shooting occurred from a rooftop/s above the scene. Shots can be heard being fired in this video:


UPDATE 11:46:

UPDATE 11:35 pm:

A Facebook post by Michael Kevin Bautista shows the horrendous situation cops were faced with tonight in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest:



Here are some of the comments on Michael Kevin Bautista’s page under the video above:

Dallas shooting I Dallas shooting II Dallas shooting III Dallas shooting IV Dallas shooting V

People can be seen running from the scene here:

Breitbart News Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos tweets the truth:


Black conservative Melissa tweets a little reminder for the Black Lives Matter rioters:


Shots have subsided. Shooter is reportedly still on the loose…


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