This is an interesting development with our military. It appears that we’re pushing back on Putin’s intervention in eastern Ukraine. Deterring Russian aggression could get messy with Putin’s ego being the size of a mountain.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has this to say today:

“We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot war with Russia. We do not seek to make Russia an enemy,” Carter said in an address in Berlin. “But make no mistake: We will defend our allies, the rules-based international order, and the positive future it affords us all.”

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Tuesday that the U.S. will deploy heavy weaponry — including about 250 tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment — across six European nations including those along the Russian border.

The move is meant to help reassure NATO allies facing an array of threats from Russia and terrorist groups. It is only the latest message being telegraphed to an increasingly assertive Vladimir Putin, in the wake of his country’s intervention in eastern Ukraine.

The equipment is set to be stationed in the Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — as well as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.

Each set of equipment would be enough to equip a military company or battalion, and would go on at least a temporary basis to those six nations. Carter said the equipment could be moved around the region for training and military exercises, and would include Bradley fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzer artillery guns.

“We intend to move those equipment sets around as exercises move around,” Carter told a news conference. “They’re not static. Their purpose is to enable richer training and more mobility to forces in Europe.” He said the U.S. presence will be “persistent” but “agile.”

But while the stated goal of the move is that American forces moving in and out of Europe will be better able to do training, it also would allow NATO nations to more quickly respond to any military crisis in the region.

Carter’s announcement, made alongside defense ministers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, comes a day after he announced that the U.S. would be contributing weapons, aircraft and forces, including commandos, as needed for NATO’s new rapid reaction force, to help Europe defend against potential Russian aggression from the east and the Islamic State and other violent extremists from the south.

The U.S., said Carter, is also going to work with NATO’s cyber center, located in Estonia, to help allies develop cyber defense strategies and other protections against computer-based attacks.

The countries for the equipment storage were chosen based on their proximity to training ranges, to reduce the time and cost of transporting it for exercises.

The two-pronged U.S. plan — with the placement of equipment in Europe and the commitment of resources for NATO’s very high readiness task force — underscore America’s commitment to helping allies counter the growing threats on Europe’s eastern and southern fronts.

U.S. and NATO allies have criticized Russia for its increasingly aggressive actions, including the annexation of Crimea and its backing of separatist troops on Ukraine’s eastern border.


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