After slamming the Biden Regime for the crisis they have created on America’s Mexican border in late March, Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey declared an emergency.  This allowed him to send National Guard troops to the border, this week, to protect America with expected costs of up to $25 million.

AZ Democrat Senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly. Photo Nick Oza, Michael Chow/The Republic

Now, even two Arizona Democrat Senators who supported Ducey’s decision are wrote a letter telling Biden the Federal government must pay for those troops.  They also want Biden to increase Homeland Security personnel to process illegal migrants and secure the border, as well

It is, after all, a requirement in the US Constitution that the federal government enforce immigration law and protect America’s borders.  Arizona shouldn’t have to do this by itself at its own expense, they say.

AZCentral Reports: 

“There is a crisis at the southern border,” the senators’ letter said. “From recent conversations with local community leaders, law enforcement, and local Department of Homeland Security officials, it’s clear that their resources, staffing and capabilities are strained … This need for a secure and orderly process at the U.S. southern border should not fall on the state of Arizona or Arizona border communities.”

Over the past month, Sinema, Kelly, Ducey, and local elected and community leaders throughout the state have called on the Department of Homeland Security for additional resources to help local communities and non-profit groups feeling the brunt of an increase in migrants being apprehended by the Border Patrol. 

Ducey has “cited the president’s reversal of immigration policies previously implemented by former President Donald Trump” as the cause of this crisis.

“…In their letter, Sinema and Kelly noted there are an estimated 500 National Guard troops already deployed to the Yuma and Tucson sectors.”

“As such, we request you reimburse the state of Arizona for the deployment the Governor announced yesterday to support border security and continue to increase DHS personnel who can further assist with the processing of migrants, securing the border, and executing important security missions,” their letter said. 

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