Democrat corruption knows no bounds.

Most high-profile Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton and President Biden, are more subtle about their corruption and pay-to-play schemes.

One of their favorite tactics is paid speeches, where they charge tens of thousands of dollars a head for speaking engagements to donors who end up padding their pockers.

President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, used his access to Joe for foreign lobbying and then paid kickbacks to the “big man” himself.

Now, a Daily Caller investigation has revealed that Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Il.) paid his family members tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds.

The payments were made to his ex-wife, Paulette Rush, who received $11,000 from him, and his ex-convict son Jeffrey, who he paid $45,000.

His son was a prison guard in an Illinois correctional facility until he was convicted of having sex with female convicts and sent to jail.

The Daily Caller Reports

Bobby Rush’s son, Jeffrey Rush, who was convicted of having sex with female inmates.

“Democratic Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush, who has a documented history of funneling campaign dollars to family members, has paid roughly $56,000 from his principal campaign committee to his wife and ex-convict son since 2019, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

Rush, a former Black Panther Party leader who has served 15 terms in the House, paid his third wife Paulette Holloway Rush roughly around $11,000 between June 2021 and March 2022, filings show. The congressman notably made one $3,600 payment on June 17, 2021, to Paulette, who is a church minister.

Rush has also paid his son Jeffrey roughly $45,000 since 2019, filings show, for mostly “field services” and “field operations services,” which is typically for campaign duties such as door knocking, phone banking and event work.

Rush’s son Jeffrey was sentenced in 2008 to six months in jail for having sex with female prison inmates while working as head of security at an Illinois correctional facility. In 2011, Jeffrey was arrested on a warrant for violating his probation in connection with his prior sexual conviction, Herald & Review reported.”

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