While Democrats keep blocking the border wall funds, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is taking a different path. Even though he often votes with Republicans, this is a big deal because he’s announcing he’s voting for the bill that funds the wall. This is openly going against Nancy Pelosi. It would be great if more Democrats decide to fund the wall after seeing Manchin’s move to support the president.

The moderate Democrat just announced he will vote for legislation funding a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico:

“Today I will vote for both gov funding bills b/c I believe we must end this harmful shutdown immediately & it’s our first opportunity in the Senate to do so. Even though they will probably fail, these votes are a start to finding a way to reopen the gov & get WVians back to work.”

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The two bills concerning the budget are expected to fail today. One of the bills includes the $5.7 billion for the border wall and the other does not. While Republicans have a majority with 53 Senators, it takes 60 votes on budget bills in the Senate.

The leaders from both parties in the Senate have agreed to allow both bills to have a floor vote. Predictions are that there will not be a compromise.

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Manchin is joined by Republican Cory Gardner and Dems Murkowski and Collins.


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