The Hillary Clinton campaign came out with a diagnosis of pneumonia later today. The campaign via Clinton’s doctor said she was diagnosed on Friday and told to rest. Twitter is abuzz with people who’re doubting this diagnosis and asking lots of good questions (see below).

The person who’s getting the most notice is reporter David Shuster who posted on Twitter that the Dems are meeting to consider a replacement! Pretty big news! The DNC would vote on a replacement if this in fact takes place. 

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If Clinton has pneumonia then why was she even attending this function today? If anyone saw the video of her they know she was doing more than “fainting”:

tw Twitter users asked why she came out of her daughter’s apartment all smiles and hugging a little girl. Something stands out to anyone who has little children:


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If Hillary has pneumonia she would want to be away from children like her daughter’s new baby and the little girl who ran up to her outside the apartment building. Why would she risk this?

Is Hillary trying desperately to convince the DNC that she’s fine and able to campaign?


She’s putting others at risk if she’s running around aware of her diagnosis. It’s kind of typical for this crowd to put politics above everything else.

While some on the left are rallying around Clinton (see below), the DNC might just be behind closed doors plotting her departure…

Josh is clearly drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid:



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