James O’Keefe released a blockbuster undercover video yesterday saying they were going to commit acts of terror against Trump supporters who attend the Deploraball in Washington DC. The video can be seen HERE.

One of the organizers of the “Deploraball,” Mike Chernovich is a conservative author, activist and is very active on Twitter. Here is an excerpt from his video below:

“When you go on video and you admit to committing an act of domestic terrorism, and then you buy tickets, that is an overt act. It’s a criminal conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.  And they definitely picked the wrong group to try and terrorize. Jeff Sessions is gonna be the Attorney General. This is a new Department of Justice. They thought they were dealing with Obama. Because Obama would let it go. Obama would say ‘Oh terrorism against these people, who cares?’ Well Obama isn’t in charge of the Department of Justice anymore. Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch…they’re out.” 

This afternoon DeploraBall organizer Mike Cernovich announced plans to file terrorism charges against the DisruptJ20 leftist group.

Mike Cernovich said the FBI was contacted and the DeploraBall is going to file civil charges.

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Mike Cernovich: “They picked the wrong people to threaten with terrorism.” –GP



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