The disgraced anti-Trump Hollywood producer, billionaire, and mega-Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein is going to have one hell of a time refuting this disgusting bombshell audio that was recorded by one of his victims, model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

The audio starts with Harvey Weinstein pleading with model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez in the hallway of the hotel where Weinstein apparently has a room, to come and watch him take a shower.

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Gutierrez is in the hallway of the hotel where Weinstein has a room. Weinstein can be heard begging and coercing her to come into his room. Weinstein’s comments are in red:

“What do we have to do here?”

Nothing, I’m going to take a shower. You sit there and have a drink. Water.

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I don’t drink.

Then have a glass of water.

Can I stay on the bar?

No. You must come here now. 



No, I don’t want to.

I’m not doing anything with you. Now you’re embarrassing me. 

I’m sorry. I cannot.

No, come in here.

Well, yesterday was kind of aggressive for me. I need to know a person can’t be touched.

I know. I won’t do a thing. Please, I swear, I won’t. Just sit with me. Don’t embarrass me in the hotel. I’m here all the time.

I know, but I don’t want to.

Please, sit there. Please! One minute. I ask you. Please. Go to the bathroom.

Please, I don’t want to do something I don’t want to.

Go to the bathroom. Hey, come here! Listen to me!

I want to go downstairs.

I’m not going to do anything. You’ll never see me again after this. Okay? That’s it. If you embarrass me in this hotel…

I’m not embarrassing you. It’s just that, I don’t. I don’t feel comfortable. It’s not nice.

Honey, don’t have a fight with me here in the hallway! Please, I’m not gonna do anything. I swear on my children. Please come in. Please. On everything. I’m the vainest guy!

I’m feeling very uncomfortable right now.

Please come in now. And one minute. And if you wanna leave when the guy brings up my jacket, you can go.

Why yesterday you touched my breasts?

Oh, please! I’m sorry. Just come on. I’m used to that.

You’re used to that?

Yes, come in.

No, but I’m not used to that.

I won’t do it again. Come on. Sit. Sit here for a minute, please. 

If you do this now. You will embarrass me. Never call me again. Okay? I promise you. I won’t do anything. I will never do another thing to you again. The guys coming to bring my jacket. You can leave.

I won’t do it again. 


“Please! 5 minutes. Don’t ruin your friendship with me for 5 minutes.” 

I know, but it’s kinda like it’s too much for me.

Please, you’re making a big scene here.

I know, but I wanna leave.

Okay. Leave. Goodbye.

Listen here:

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