Democrats have repeatedly made it clear that they will punish and harass whistleblowers who make them look bad by exposing FBI and government bias against conservatives.

After FBI whistleblower Steve Friend revealed the FBI’s politically motivated handling of prosecutions in the aftermath of the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, House Democrats released a report that attempted to discredit Friend.

The report included claims that the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) disputed a number of Friend’s allegations against the FBI.

The DOJ-OIG subsequently released a report that contradicts Democrats claims, with a pro-transparency group pointing out that they selectively edited parts of what the DOJ-OIG said regarding the allegations.

During Friend’s testimony, he revealed multiple concerning elements of the FBI’s handling of January 6th cases, included that they sent  SWAT teams to apprehend compliant suspects and that they failed to follow established case management rules.

Friend’s accusations, along with other information provided about the prosecution of January 6th protesters paint a troubling picture of how the government responded to the demonstration.

The Daily Caller Reports

The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) has contradicted House Democrats’ claim about whistleblower and former FBI Special Agent Steve Friend, a group representing Friend announced in a March 15 press release.

House Judiciary Democrats released a 316-page report early March challenging the credibility of whistleblowers who sat for transcribed interviews with the House Judiciary Committee, alleging, among other things, that both the DOJ-OIG and Office of Special Counsel had rejected Friend’s claim. In a March 13 letter sent to Empower Oversight, a nonprofit that helps whistleblowers document and report corruption, DOJ Assistant Inspector General Sean O’Neill corrected the record, assuring the group that Friend’s claims “remain under assessment.”

As part of an investigation into alleged political bias in the FBI and DOJ, the House Judiciary Committee, headed by Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, first released a report summarizing allegations made by whistleblowers in November.

Friend alleged in his whistleblower complaint that the FBI is violating due process by failing to follow established case management rules for Jan. 6 investigations and is using forceful arrest tactics like SWAT teams for cooperative Jan. 6 case subjects.

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