The Justice Department announced today that after a two year investigation into former FBI boss Andrew McCabe, there would be no charges against him for lying to investigators about leaking to the media. Meanwhile, the DOJ recommended that Roger Stone is supposed to be jailed for nine years? The two-tiered justice system is at work once again!

McCabe was also a key person in the Russia Collusion Hoax and should not skate!


According to Fox News, a lawyer for the DOJ released a statement today saying:

“We write to inform you that, after careful consideration, the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe.”

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The statement continued:

“Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the Government at this time, we consider the matter closed.”

Wait! McCabe said he lied to the FBI about leaking to the Wall Street Journal, but he gets a pass?

McCabe’s lawyers released a statement:

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In response to McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview, The Blaze’s Jordan Schachtel reminds us of the danger McCabe and friends posed to our republic, saying everyone who participated in the attempted coup, needs to be held accountable:

They plotted what amounts to a coup because Hillary lost. Russia stuff was always a baseless distraction. Any1 who participated in this insane effort should be held accountable. When will McCabe & crew face justice?

The Bradford File points out that the desperate Andrew McCabe is still trying to push the now disproven Trump-Russian collusion narrative, saying about McCabe, “HE BELONGS IN PRISON”

Andrew McCabe: “I was speaking to the man who had just … won the election for the presidency and who MIGHT have done so with the aid of the government of Russia.” McCabe is still trying to sell the ‘Russian collusion’ fantasy–he helped create. HE BELONGS IN PRISON.

Former CIA Analyst and conservative talk show host Buck Sexton slammed McCabe and top bureaucrats who “plotted to remove the duly elected President of the United States because they thought firing the sanctimonious, holier-than-though loon James Comey was a threat to this country” as Sexton reminds everyone the only threat to our country was from McCabe and friends.

In another tweet, Sexton says he hopes McCabe was also asked:

1) why did you lie multiple times under oath?

2) since we know from the Mueller probe that lying is such a serious crime, shouldn’t you go to prison too?

3) how could any sane person think Page or Papadopoulos is a Russian agent?

4) are you nuts?

The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg spoke with the disgraced McCabe about his first day on the job as acting FBI director. McCabe told  Goldberg he was in a meeting with his senior staff involving the Russia case (which we all know now was a hoax) when he got a call from President Trump. From Goldberg’s article, titled: Every Day Is a New Low in Trump’s White House

A call like this was highly unusual. Presidents do not, typically, call FBI directors. There should be no direct contact between the president and the director, except for national-security purposes. The reason is simple. Investigations and prosecutions need to be pursued without a hint of suspicion that someone who wields power has put a thumb on the scale.

The Russia team was in my office. I took the call on an unclassified line. That was another strange thing—the president was calling on a phone that was not secure. The voice on the other end said, It’s Don Trump calling. I said, Hello, Mr. President, how are you? Apart from my surprise that he was calling at all, I was surprised that he referred to himself as “Don.”

The president said, I’m good. You know—boy, it’s incredible, it’s such a great thing, people are really happy about the fact that the director’s gone, and it’s just remarkable what people are saying. Have you seen that? Are you seeing that, too?

He went on: I received hundreds of messages from FBI people—how happy they are that I fired him. There are people saying things on the media, have you seen that? What’s it like there in the building?

This is what it was like: You could go to any floor and you would see small groups gathering in hallways, some people even crying. The overwhelming majority liked and admired Director Comey—his personal style, the integrity of his conduct. Now we were laboring under the same dank, gray shadow that had been creeping over Washington during the few months Donald Trump had been in office.

I didn’t feel like I could say any of that to the president on the phone. I’m not sure I would have wanted to say it to him in person, either—or that he would have cared. I told him that people here were very surprised, but that we were trying to get back to work.

OANN’s Jack Posobiec responds to McCabe’s claim in The Atlantic propaganda piece, explaining how far-fetched McCabe’s claim about the small groups of FBI employees “crying” after Trump fired Comey. Posobiec tweets: “McCabe claims “You would see small groups gathering in hallways, some people even crying” after Trump fired Comey in May 2017 This seems a bit far-fetched since we have seen text messages and testimony from numerous FBI officials during this period and none corroborate that

CNN’s Jim Sciutto interviewed Florida GOP Rep Francis Rooney regarding the McCabe interview. Rooney slammed McCabe, telling Sciutto that McCabe is a “menace” saying that he “undermined the credibility of the FBI” and that he “reached out the media to manipulate the media, to try and protect his investigation.”

Posobiec also notes that McCabe has dropped the “Russian collusion” portion of the investigation, opting instead, to now call it the “Trump investigation.” Posobiec points out that most of us already knew that.

In Newsmax host John Cardillo’s tweet, he reveals the seriousness of McCabe’s admission about his desire to remove a constitutionally elected President, saying: McCabe and Comey unilaterally decided that the constitutionally and duly elected President of the United States could not “be trusted,” so they facilitated and participated in a coup. should be suspended this morning.

Julie Kelly, a senior contributor for The American Greatness, tweeted about the real reason McCabe was desperate to take out Trump in mid 2017, was “because Congressional Republicans- led by Nunes – were exposing their scheme to investigate the campaign, set up Mike Flynn, and how the dossier was presented to FISC as evidence to spy on Page”

Kelly continues: The entire scandal – from unmasking to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele to the coordination between FBI top brass and the media – was coming into clear view. McCabe opening up another investigation into Trump was part of their cover-up.

And finally, Kelly is hopeful that Trump’s new AG, William Barr will appoint a second special counsel within the first few weeks of his tenure, saying if he doesn’t then Trump should fire him and find an AG who will, calling McCabe and friends actions, “unconstitutional madness.”

Kelly followed up her series of tweets with a very good question about CBS’s Scott Pelley and his interview with McCabe: “Who was the ‘team’ McCabe met with? Strzok and Page.” Kelly goes on to point out how either the media is willfully ignorant or is playing cover for the Deep State, saying, “Either Pelley has no clue or he intentionally glosses over it.”

Chief White House Correspondent for OANN, Emerald Robinson responded to Julie Kelly’s tweet. Her analysis was spot on. Robinson remarked about how all of the crooked players in the coup attempt of President Trump, are going to start turning on each other:

The leaders of the “Crossfire Hurricane” coup against President Trump are now doing TV interviews – and so McCabe is probably going to turn on Rosenstein, and Rosenstein will turn on Comey, and Comey is going to turn on Brennan, all the way to the top….

Washington Examiner writer, Siraj Hashmi tweeted about how the Deep State was literally trying to run the country: according to scott pelley, this happened at the exact time the FBI reportedly launched a counterintelligence investigation on trump for being a russian agent after firing james comey. if true, it lends a lot of credence to the idea of a “deep state” trying to run the country.

Sean Davis of The Federalist reminds everyone of the crooked deal McCabe’s wife made with a “top Clinton donor and confidant” and how McCabe “colluded with Clinton campaign contractors and the foreign bagman of a sanctioned Russian oligarch to try and take down a duly elected U.S. president.”

Finally, retired Air Force Combat veteran Col Rob Maness sums up how most Americans who’ve been paying attention to this dangerous scenario unfolding in the Deep State are feeling. Col Maness tweeted:

American citizens are calling for McCabe, Brennan, Comey, Rice, & Rhodes prosecutions for attempting to remove a constitutionally elected President, . We are here. I served this Nation for 32+ years & feel like no one in power gives a damn about our Republic.

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