The Trump campaign just made an announcement that Rep. Doug Collins will lead the Georgia recount of votes from the election. Rep. Collins is a trusted member of Congress that will have the president’s back. This is good news.

Rep, Collins spoke out about the vote recount:

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“Republicans stand by the ideal that every eligible voter should be able to vote legally and have it be counted. During the coming recount, we are confident we will find evidence of improperly harvested ballots and other irregularities that will prove that President Trump won Georgia fairly again on his way to re-election as President. Georgians deserve a free and open process, and they will get one.”

President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 general counsel said a recount will begin as soon as the canvassing has concluded:

“We are concerned about the lack of transparency in the tabulation process, especially given the reports of irregularities and improper ballot harvesting in Georgia, In order for Americans to have full faith and confidence in our elections, every legal vote must be counted and every illegal or fraudulent vote must be excluded. We look forward to guaranteeing that our elections are safe and secure, just as we look forward to President Trump winning Georgia.”

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President Trump’s campaign has a website for donations to the defense fund.

We need to fight back!

Our previous report on the Georgia vote count:

Georgia’s Secretary of State announced a recount on Friday after ballots turned up in the middle of the night pushing the state for Joe Biden.

Brad Raffensperger held a press conference on Friday morning when he made the announcement of a recount in Georgia.

He said “Georgia remains too close to call.”

The Trump campaign released a statement:

Trump campaign’s Matt Morgan: “The false projection of Joe Biden as the winner is based on results in four states that are far from final.”

Georgia is headed for a recount; “irregularities” in Pennsylvania and Nevada; Trump “on course to win Arizona outright,” Morgan says.

Voter fraud is not a myth.

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