Scranton, PA – Election workers claim voter machines are down, say they will scan later ‘when the machines are back up.’

American patriots who woke early on Election Day to cast their votes faced delays and other complications caused by malfunctioning voting machines across the country…but some of the kinks just haven’t worked their way out of the system…lasting into the late afternoon on Tuesday.

In the hugely-important swing state of Pennsylvania, voters in Bucks County reported waiting more than an hour in the freezing cold to cast their ballots when a scanner began malfunctioning.

According to the Courier Times, ballots that were rejected by the machine were allegedly “placed in secured ballot bags” to be counted at the Board of Elections in Doylestown but some people uncomfortable with the update decided to wait for a technician to repair the scanner. BUT WAIT.

Voters that decided to stay and watch their ballots be scanned caught the cheat in the system. After a while, poll workers began scanning their ballots as if the machine was never broke! Sounds like some serious electioneering interference.


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In North Carolina, the state Board of Elections will also keep four polling stations open longer because they opened 45 minutes late. One site opened 15 minutes late due to an issue with an on-site printer.

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The state’s 2,600 polling stations were otherwise due to close at 7.30 p.m. but the state will now not be able to report any statewide results until 8.15 p.m. because of the delay, NBC affiliate WXII 12 reported.

LISTEN to audio from the Metro Detroit Youth Club polling location where voting machines were allegedly down because of a power outage:

And it doesn’t seem like Scranton, Pennsylvania is the only place where election workers are attempting to destroy, manipulate, or throw out ballots either. Reports confirm election workers are claiming electronic voting machines are down in New York, Michigan, and Ohio as well.

On Facebook, some voters complained about being forced to wait hours and ultimately gave up before casting their mail-in ballots in drop boxes instead. STAY IN LINE! Your vote counts.

More than 100 million Americans cast early votes before Election Day, a record-breaking figure that is three-quarters of the total number of ballots that were cast in 2016.

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