Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and perjury, placing pressure on one royal to speak to FBI investigators. Lawyer Brad Edwards, who represents 55 women who claim they were abused by Epstein, who killed himself in a Manhattan last year, said he believes the Duke of York has information that will help his clients, according to the New York Post. Edwards told the British news outlet that he has personally invited the royal “at least three times” to provide information but that he “flat out refuses.”

Epstein committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial last year. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son quit his Royal duties after he defended his relationship with him. He has since faced claims from U.S. prosecutors he is running shy of giving his version of events.

At a press conference in New York in which prosecutors detailed the allegations facing Maxwell, they urged Prince Andrew to come forward. “We would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us, we would like to have the benefit of his statement,” said Audrey Strauss, acting US attorney for the southern district of New York, as reported by The Guardian.

“The duke’s team remains bewildered given that we have twice communicated with the DOJ in the last month and to date we have had no response,” an unnamed source on his legal team was quoted as saying by the Press Association news agency. Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, told reporters on Thursday they would “welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us”.

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US Attorney Strauss’s remarks came following the arrest of Maxwell, the British socialite and close friend of the convicted sex offender Epstein was seized at a luxury hideaway in a small town in New Hampshire early on Thursday, as previously reported by 100% FED Up.

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The prince has made no secret of his longstanding friendship with Maxwell, or that she introduced him to Epstein. Prosecutors have continued their investigation and sought testimony from Prince Andrew. He faces accusations from Virginia Giuffre, who has claimed she was forced to have sex with him at Maxwell’s home in London when she was 17.

The Duke of York has strongly denied all claims that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by Epstein. Pictures of the Prince posing with his arm around the girl’s waist forced him to give a disastrous TV interview to the BBC that was quickly followed by his standing down from all Royal duties in November.

Strauss said: “The question is, Prince Andrew when is he going to tell what he knows? He needs to do that. He needs to do it without delay. It is so traumatising and difficult for the victims not to know the truth,” according to Breitbart.

The renewed spotlight on Andrew ends a rough week for the British royal family. In another court battle, legal filings by the Duchess of Sussex in her case against Associated Newspapers, revealed she felt “unprotected” by the royal family from claims made in the UK tabloid press against her while she was pregnant.

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