On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted to ban new sales of carbon-emitting petrol and diesel cars. They cleared their final legislative hurdle by placing the ban in place, which will start by 2035. Despite opposition from conservative members, which is the largest group in parliament, European Union members have already agreed to the new legislation and are ready to turn the ban officially into law.

Those who support the ban believe the 2035 deadline gives carmakers time to adjust by finding new technologies and switching over to produce vehicles with zero emissions.

Many seem to be ignorant or simply ignore the global ecological harm and pollution that comes with producing electric vehicles.

The European Union has a plan in place in which they hope to become a “climate neutral” economy by 2050. Their expressed goal is to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. EU Vice President Frans Timmermans spoke about Chinese electric vehicle production and encouraged European countries to become competitive with China saying,

“Let me remind you that between last year and the end of this year, China will bring 80 models of electric cars to the international market. These are good cars. These are cars that will be more and more affordable, and we need to compete with them. We don’t want to give up this essential industry to outsiders.”

Yet Representative Thomas Massie cleared the scientific misunderstanding regarding CO2 in a Wednesday morning Tweet,

“CO2 emanates from our lungs and feeds everything that grows on this planet. Our survival as a species requires recognizing CO2 is life fuel, not pollution: It doesn’t cause cancer, it doesn’t lower birth rates. We must distinguish it from real pollution, which must be minimized.”


Massie, who has extensive scientific knowledge, as noted in his recent tweet that shares his educational background, cites that when he talks about science, “liberals often throw poo emojis and protest that neither of my MIT science degrees are in biology.


More concerned citizens are beginning to speak out about the ecological harm caused by mining for cobalt and lithium used to make the batteries in electric vehicles. The Left is so astoundingly quiet on this ecological nightmare that the natural question is, what is driving the Left’s move away from gas and diesel? While they claim it is a concern for the environment, they ignore the evidence. Is the driving force control? Electric vehicles are about control, not the environment.
Twitter users expressed their concern with the incoming agenda,
“Battery production and disposal, plus electricity production, makes electric vehicles far more harmful to the environment than any petrol/diesel car.”

The reality is,  “Electric vehicles are just a small part of the biggest global hoax in modern history – climate change. This is about money and control, not about reducing carbon emissions. Stop believing the lies.”

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