For just a little over four months, Wayne Bradley could be heard spreading the conservative message on Detroit’s 910AM Superstation. Then GOP nominee Donald Trump came to town, and things changed drastically.

We’ve known soft-spoken conservative, Wayne Bradley for several years. He’s never been afraid of controversy and has always stood up for his conservative beliefs.

On Friday, Bradley told us in an exclusive interview that local media had reached out to him when Trump came due to his position as State Director of African American Engagement for the Republican National Committee. Bradley – who was unpaid during his time at the station – didn’t mention his affiliation with 910AM, which, he said, he generally doesn’t do when discussing political issues with the media.


He also met Trump and posted a photo of him with the candidate. When asked, Bradley said he had nothing to do with Trump’s visit and was at at the rally with a pastor.


The station, which was well aware of his work with the GOP, informed him by email that he was on “hiatus” that Friday, leading him to believe he would be back on the air shortly. But that wasn’t the case.

He received clarification on Monday that the show was canceled – for good.

It’s not clear why station management decided to cancel the show.

A station representative told 100 Percent FED UP, “It was a business decision on the back-end.”

We contacted 910AM and spoke to an administrative assistant who refused to provide her name. According to the person we spoke to, no one at the station was available for comment because they were, “very, very” busy with meetings about Bradley’s dismissal.

The unnamed assistant told us that a statement would be released, but she was unsure when that might happen.

But that’s not what station owner Kevin Adell told the Detroit News. According to that report, Bradley was allegedly fired “for violating corporate policy.”

“He violated corporate policy, that’s why he got fired. He was let go for insubordination.” But it’s not clear what policy Bradley allegedly violated. Bradley suggested it may have been due to the fact he didn’t plug the station during interviews with the press.

Regardless of the reason, Bradley said he appreciated the opportunity to have a dialogue with the community and was very grateful to have the air time.

Moreover, he said that he understands the left-wing political climate in Detroit and respects the owner’s decision.

While he respects the decision, he told us he was “disappointed” with management for “silencing the dialogue.”

Others weren’t happy with the decision and made their feelings known on the station’s Facebook page.

“910AM where blacks are kept on the Gov’ment PLANTATION and other views of them PROSPERING on their own merits is not allowed,” one person said.

“Your way or the hiway-not the station I want to listen to-I’m out!!!” another person added.

“I would like to know where Wayne Bradley is at? Why is he not on the air? Shameless,” commented a third critic.

Bradley, who has been in radio off and on for about six years, says he’s not worried and knows that something better will come along.

And, he added, he appreciates the support of the listeners who reached out to the station.

Meanwhile, the Oakland County Republican Party has offered their support for Wayne Bradley and asked fellow Republicans to call Superstation 910AM at:

Station Phone: (248) 278-0910
Fax: (248) 350-3422
Studio Phone: (313) 209-9000

Attention: Kevin Adell, Owner of 910 AM
Dody Johnson, Station Manager

In the meantime, Bradley said he’ll continue his daily outreach efforts – something he’s been doing since September 2013.

“It’s a different battle in Detroit,” he told us. The key, he added, is to “stay positive.”

As for the incident with 910AM, Bradley said he views it as a “minor speed bump.”

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