Yesterday morning, Mike Lindell appeared to be visibly shaken at the start of the final day of his 3-day cyber symposium, where the My Pillow CEO and American patriot promised to share irrefutable evidence of voter fraud in the November 2020 election. “So, when I got to my hotel—I was attacked,” an emotional Mike Lindell told the audience at the symposium. Mike then turned the microphone over to Colonel Phil Waldron, who explained to the audience how their “red team” detected disrupters or agitators inside the facility during the symposium who were likely there to extract information and embarrass lawmakers who dared to attend the highly- informative event.

Although Mike never mentioned Antifa, rumors that the radical, anti-American group was responsible for the physical attack against Mike were running rampant.

This afternoon, in an exclusive interview, 100 Percent Fed Up spoke extensively with Mike Lindell. During our discussion, we were able to clear up much of the misinformation about the incident that took place in the lobby of the Sioux Falls Sheraton hotel on Wednesday evening.

According to the popular My Pillow CEO, the attack took place in the lobby of his hotel as he returned from dinner with Kendra Reeves, a beautiful Christian woman with whom Mike has been in a committed relationship since 2014.

Kendra and Mike Facebook photo.

Mike explained how he and Kendra had just returned to the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel from dinner. He estimates that he entered the lobby between 10:30 and 11 pm CT. As they walked through the lobby toward the elevator, two well-dressed men who Mike and Kendra estimated were between the age of 40-45 yrs old ran up to him and shouted, “Hey, I want your picture!” Although Mike suspected something unusual about the duo, he agreed to have his photo taken with them.

Only one of the two men stood next to Mike as he snapped a selfie of them standing next to each other. Mike told us he found it odd that the other man who ran up to him “strangely stood in the background” and watched while his companion took a selfie.

Only moments later, a “tall” and “very strong” man about 25-30 years old” came running up from the opposite direction “kind of out of nowhere,” asking to have his picture taken with Mike. The young man who asked to have his photo taken with Mike was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Mr. Lindell, who’s been in a few dangerous situations in his lifetime as a former crack addict, found it odd that the well-dressed older man who he just posed with for a selfie was also taking the photo for the younger man in jeans.

Suddenly, the younger man in jeans grabbed Mike and stood next to him. He put his arm around Mike and placed his hand under his armpit. As the older man was taking the photo, the younger man began applying incredible pressure under Mike’s armpit with his hand. Mike explained that the pain under his arm was “excruciating” and “intense,” but he wasn’t quite sure how to react, as he suspected the man with the camera had switched to video mode. Mike didn’t want to give either of the men the satisfaction of knowing how badly he was being hurt, so he continued to stand and smile for the camera without flinching. “He either wanted me to react or to fight him,” Mike said.

As the elevator opened, Mike pulled away, and he and Kendra escaped the situation.

Mike told us he’ll never forget the evil face of the man taking the photo.

When Mike got to his room, he checked to see if his skin had been penetrated by a needle or any other device and called the police to report the incident. Unfortunately, all three men had disappeared from the lobby by the time the police arrived to take their report. The police also checked under Mike’s arm for any obvious injuries.

Mike told us that he will now have security with him wherever he goes. However, he also pointed out that just because he has security doesn’t mean he will “stop living his life” and taking photos with people. “Put that in there,” Mike told us, referring to our article, “I want them to know that—I’m not going to change anything.”

We checked online to discover what martial arts bloggers had to say about applying excessive force under an armpit of a victim.

Here’s what we found:

From the Medical Daily website:

Movies have shown us that pressing down on certain parts of the body can knock you out or even kill you — but how much of this is backed by science? There remains some confusion and controversy as to what exactly “pressure points” are, and whether putting pressure on them is good or bad. The fact is, pressure points are sensitive parts of the body that can either be used for healing or pain — whether massaged or struck, they can help you feel better, but they can also impair you. Whether or not touching pressure points can lead to death is unknown and usually dismissed by scientists but explored a little below.

The notion of pressure points originally began in Japanese martial arts. It was Minamoto no Yoshimitsu, a Japenese samurai who lived from 1045 to 1127, who reportedly was the first to introduce the idea of pressure points into martial arts fighting. Yoshimitsu dissected the bodies of men killed during battle in order to better understand what little spots in their body were important to either cause pain or death, if hit or touched correctly. This fine art of fighting and killing, of course, took years of training to master; not just anyone could know which angle to strike the right nerve or joint, and where and when to do it.

But pressure points weren’t only used for ways to kill or maim people; they were also incorporated into traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that “meridian points” are the locations in the body through which life energy, or qi, flows.

Based on our conversation with Mike, it appears as though the pain was coming from intense pressure the perpetrator was applying to a bundle of nerved under his armpit known as the subaxillary bundle.

A subaxillary bundle is a group of nerves located about an inch down from the armpit on the inside of your arm. Knuckle strikes to the subaxillary bundle cause the arm to go numb for several minutes. However, knife thrusts to the same region are frequently fatal. The reason is that they sever the brachial artery, which is located under this bundle.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing the motives behind the three men who it appears were either trying to harm or humiliate Mike Lindell. By sharing the alleged martial arts technique, we are only presenting a possible scenario for what appears to be a coordinated attack on the popular My Pillow CEO, who’s been viciously targeted by the left for daring to look into the November 2020 election results.

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