In 2016, only days before the election, our pro-Trump 100 Percent Fed UP Facebook page, one of the most popular conservative pages on Facebook, was unpublished by Facebook without any notice. When Breitbart News wrote about our page being unpublished without warning, our page was reinstated. The only explanation we received from Facebook was a message from Facebook saying, “it was a mistake.”

In 2017, only one month after President Trump’s inauguration, our 100 Percent Fed UP Facebook page, with over one million followers (we now have 1.7 million followers), lost over 90% of our traffic. Our traffic has never recovered. We were told by Facebook representatives that our traffic would never be the same. Curiously, the traffic on “Occupy Democrats,” the most popular far-left page on Facebook, continues to explode, far surpassing any conservative page on Facebook.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas just published a stunning video* showing alleged Facebook employee Zach McElroy blowing the whistle on fellow employees who allegedly admit to intentionally censoring and deleting pro-Trump content.



In December 2019, we met a Facebook insider working for Project Veritas who told us that Facebook does indeed, actively reduce the visibility of conservative content or hide it from its users. The Facebook insider we met with explained to us that she left the company after feeling like she couldn’t work for a company that was so biased and structured in such a way that they punished users for having opposing political views.

*We cannot confirm or deny the statements made by the alleged Facebook employees in the Project Veritas video but have no reason to believe, based on our own experiences, that their statements are not accurate or true.

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