Just think what Obama could be doing for his hometown of Chicago if he took his army of activists who are hell-bent on rioting and fighting Trump every step of the way, and refocused his efforts on helping the people of Chicago who truly are in desperate need of help…

A two-year-old boy is the latest innocent victim of Chicago’s gun violence epidemic after a shooting in broad daylight was captured on Facebook Live.

An unidentified toddler was shot in the head while riding along with his 20-year-old aunt and her 26-year-old boyfriend Tuesday afternoon on the city’s West Side, according to police.

The 26-year-old, a documented gang member believed to be targeted in the shooting, was also pronounced dead after being hit in the head when a gunman popped out of another car and opened fire.

The aunt, who was pregnant and shot in the abdomen, had been on Facebook Live before the shooting, capturing images of her boyfriend and her nephew in the back seat as she sings to music.


She sprinted from the car as shots were heard, running to a nearby house and yelling that she has “a bullet in my stomach.”

After emotional pleadings with someone she calls “Momma,” saying she does not want to go to the hospital because she could be taken to jail, the video captures the sounds of a television.

The aunt was in fair condition Tuesday evening, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who lambasted “legislative partners” for their inaction on gun violence.

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