This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated Canada’s Emergency Act for the first time since its creation in 1988.  The act could result in a widespread crackdown against civil liberties in Canada, particularly against Freedom Convoy demonstrators and their supporters.

Shortly following his announcement, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that banks could freeze or suspend bank accounts without permission from the government in the form of a court order and without facing liability.  Additionally, the government utilized laws against money laundering and funding terrorist activities to include crowd funding platforms that use cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Yesterday, the Canadian government issued an order to financial firms to freeze all transactions on 34 different crypto wallets who’s owners are accused of sending money to the Freedom Convoy protesters.

Just days after Trudeau’s announcement, the FBI has announced the formation of a special Cryptocurrency unit.  The Epoch Times Reports


“The FBI is forming a new team dedicated to cryptocurrency, confirmed the Department of Justice on Thursday.

Eun Young Choi, a prosecutor with a background in cybercrimes, will be tapped as the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team’s (NCET) first director, the agency said.

“The department has been at the forefront of investigating and prosecuting crimes involving digital currencies since their inception,” Choi said in a statement.

“The NCET will play a pivotal role in ensuring that as the technology surrounding digital assets grows and evolves, the department in turn accelerates and expands its efforts to combat their illicit abuse by criminals of all kinds,” she added. “I am excited to lead the NCET’s incredible and talented team of attorneys, and to get to work on this important priority for the department.”

The creation of the new “virtual asset exploitation” unit comes after the Justice Department’s largest-ever financial seizure earlier in February when it charged a married New York couple with allegedly laundering bitcoins valued at over $4.5 billion that were stolen in a hack in 2016.”

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