As the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation come under increased scrutiny for weaponizing law enforcement against conservatives and religious people, another shocking FBI memo was released this weekend that labels conservative Catholics ‘potential terrorists’.

The memo, circulated in the FBI’s Richmond Field Office, claims that Catholics who attend Latin Mass are prime targets for violent extremists to recruit.

The memo used biased, left-leaning sources such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and left-wing magazine Salon to come to its conclusion.

The troubling news comes as the FBI has singled out conservatives and conservative-leaning groups in the past two years.

In the opening months of the Biden administration, the Department of Justice came under fire for circulating a memo claiming that parents concerned about Critical Race Theory in schools are potential terrorist threats.

The Daily Caller Reports

It is not every day that one learns that federal law enforcement (this time, the compromised and diminished Federal Bureau of Investigation) is watching your church and its members. But that is exactly what happened in Richmond, Virginia, where someone at the FBI’s Richmond field office recently wrote a memo warning that those Catholics who attend the traditional Latin Mass are “almost certainly” ripe targets for recruitment by violent extremists.

The memo appears to lean on a report by the very much left of center Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as the analyst’s own sentiments about the pro-life orientation of the Catholic Church. Other sources include the Salon website and Atlantic magazine.

In one unintentionally hilarious passage, the memo distinguishes Catholics who attend Latin Mass routinely from those who attend “mainline” Catholic churches.

When the memo from the Richmond field office surfaced, the FBI said that: “[t]his particular field office product . . . does not meet the exacting standards of the FBI.

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