On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and said that the FBI requested that Facebook and other social media companies censor the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Zuckerberg’s claims came after a whistleblower recently admitted that top officials at the FBI prohibited agents from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 election.

Zuckerberg admitted that conservatives were correct about Hunter Biden’s laptop, saying, “It sucks… I think in the same way that having to go though a criminal trial but being proven innocent in the end sucks… in the end you’re free,”

House Republicans want to question Mark Zuckerberg for ‘election interference’ because of his admission that Facebook censored the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Facebook throttled the reach of posts that discussed the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, while other social media giants like Twitter took down posts discussing it.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has responded to claims made by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg that a “warning” about “Russian propaganda” had prompted the platform to limit the reach of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the election.
Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook had limited the reach of the New York Post’s bombshell story because it fit the “pattern” that the government agency had warned them about.

According to a report from NBC News, “in a statement Friday night, the FBI said it has provided companies with ‘foreign threat indicators’ to help protect their platforms and customers, but that it ‘cannot ask, or direct, companies to take action on information received.’”

“The FBI routinely notifies U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers, of potential threat information, so that they can decide how to better defend against threats,” the agency said.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, responded to the agency’s statement on Twitter.

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