BLM just took a big hit in a judgment by a federal administrative judge in a case filed against Home Depot by the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB argued Home Depot’s decision to prohibit workers from wearing the Marxist, divisive BLM message on company aprons was an infringement on the worker’s political and labor rights.

The BLM or Black Lives Matter message for many people represents violence, as riots, looting, threatening behavior, and arson of the protesters rioters associated with the group.

A video shared by independent journalist Andy Ngo, which reveals the horrifying the aftermath of BLM rioting in Minneapolis, MN, is a perfect example of why Americans are not interested in shopping at a store that allows their employees to display the BLM logo commonly associated with violence and the promotion of racism and hatred for law enforcement.

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Just the News reports- Federal Judge Paul Bogus said BLM messaging and imagery “originated, and is primarily used, to address the unjustified killings of Black individuals by law enforcement and vigilantes” and as such had little to do with the work conditions or labor rights at Home Depot protected as “concerted” labor activity.

“For the reasons previously discussed with respect to the Respondent’s nationwide interpretation of the dress code prohibition, BLM messaging is not inherently concerted,” the judge wrote Friday. “Nor does it have an objective, and sufficiently direct, relationship to terms and conditions of employment to fall within the mutual aid and protection clause.”

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