Freshman Representative George Santos (R-Ny.) has been indicted under seal in New York’s eastern district after it was revealed that he told a series of untruths about his past before he even entered office in January of 2023.

Santos has reportedly lied about major details such as where he went to school as well as minor lies such as claiming to be a member of his university’s men’s volleyball team.

While lies about his past likely aren’t legally actionable, he has also been accused of falsifying campaign finance reports, stealing money that was supposed to go to a charity event for an Iraq War veteran, and credit card fraud.

Santos apologized after lies about his past were discovered and he no longer sits on any Congressional committees.

Due to the indictment being under seal, the exact nature of the charges being brought against him have not yet been revealed.

Santos is now facing criminal investigations and charges as well as investigations from the Republican-led House Ethics Committee.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) expressed a willingness to remove Santos from office after he is able to look at the charges.

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The congressman’s attorney declined to comment. Spokespeople for the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office, the Justice Department and the FBI declined to comment.

This is a developing story.

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The Post Millenial Reports

Criminal charges have reportedly been filed against Representative George Santos (R-NY) who has been under fire over a past history of lying.

Federal prosecutors filed the charges under seal and Santos is reportedly expected to appear in federal court in New York’s eastern district on Wednesday, sources told the network.

However, the freshman Republican lawmaker has been under recent investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice who have been looking into alleged false claims in Santos’ campaign finance reports.

Santos, who is gay and flipped the Long Island House seat that was held by Democrats for a decade, has been accused of breaking campaign finance laws, lying about where he went to school, violating federal conflict of interest laws, credit card fraud, and stealing cash meant for an Iraq War veteran’s dying dog, the network reports.

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