President Biden has aggressively pushed and expanded Obama’s “dear colleague” Title IX letter that expanded a bill on sex discrimination to a ban on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Earlier this year, Biden threatened to take poor kids lunch money by cutting funding for free or reduced lunches in public schools if they did not comply with the Title IX “dear colleague” letter.

One of the requirements is to build gender-neutral restrooms or allow transgender students to use the opposite gender’s bathroom.

Republican Attorney Generals across the country have pushed back against Biden’s insanity and won a string of victories that will prevent him from forcing transgender identity politics on schools.

The latest victory came this Sunday as a federal court blocked the Biden administration’s attempt to conflate gender identity with biological sex, which would have allowed male to female transgender athletes to compete with biological females.


The Post Millenial Reports

A federal court has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s interpretation of federal law to conflate gender identity with biological sex, and in doing so, has protected female athletes who would be forced to compete against males in 20 states.

The court issued the order Friday to stop the administration’s illegitimate reinterpretation of federal law, Alliance Defending Freedom, a group intervening in the lawsuit, reported Saturday.

Led by Tennessee, twenty state attorneys general requested the preliminary injunction order.

The administration’s guidance is based, in part, on an interpretation of Bostock v. Clayton County, a recent US Supreme Court ruling about employment discrimination, the court concluded.

The guidance documents were issued by the US Department of Education and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. One document interprets Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits “discrimination on the basis of sex,” to bar discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

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