On Friday a federal judge ruled that DACA, the Obama-era program that prevents deportations of thousands of illegals who were brought into the U.S. as children, is itself illegal.

The ruling by U.S.District Judge Andrew Hanen will leave the program intact for existing recipients, numbers totaling around 650,000, but blocks the government from approving any new applicants.

Texas and eight other states had sued to halt DACA, and called for an “orderly wind-down” of the program, making the case that the program was unconstitutional and burdened states with outrageous costs to provide health care, education, and law enforcement.

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As expected, America-last Democrats are outraged over the ruling.

Nancy Pelosi issued a statement calling on Republicans “to join us in respecting the will of the American people and the law, to ensure that Dreamers have a permanent path to citizenship.” 

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While the left vows to fight for non-Americans, conservative, America-first legislators celebrated the ruling:

The costs of illegal immigration to the United States cannot be exaggerated.

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