Obama’s race war erupts in Ferguson again. It appears that several shots were fired during the “peaceful” protests in Ferguson tonight. Reports are saying 1 man is dead.

obama golf mv

Barack Obama heads to Martha’s Vineyard 1 day earlier than planned. Spends day golfing with Valerie Jarrett’s cousin and liberal celebrity, Larry David. (Photo: Susan Walsh, AP)

Did Obama know these “peaceful protests” were coming? Is this the reason he mysteriously left for his 5-star vacation to Martha’s Vineyard a day earlier than planned?

Yep…according to these t-shirts (pictured below), Michael Brown was “chosen” for change. Does that mean these protestors believe he is the “chosen one” now? Where does that leave Barack? Wasn’t he supposed to be the “chosen one for change” (and hope)?

UPDATE (3:35 am): Man originally reported as “dead” is in critical condition…

Earlier tonight:

The citizens of Ferguson should be thanking God for the rain:

Police are reporting arrests on Twitter:




h/t Gateway Pundit


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