A plane carrying our First Lady and members of the press filled with smoke shortly after takeoff this morning.  After a few tense moments, First Lady Melania Trump’s plane landed safely after it was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews due to a “mechanical issue” according to Fox News. Should this raise concerns about the age of the plane used (see below)?

 Smoke was coming from the cabin and there was a smell of something burning. Secret Service rushed to the front of the plane, and members of the press were handed wet towels to hold over their faces.

The plane landed safely and the First Lady’s team is “evaluating” an alternative plan to fly to Philadelphia.

The First Lady was on her way to Philadelphia to meet with families of children who were affected by exposure to opioids while in the womb.

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Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s spokesperson, said: “everything is fine and everyone is safe”.

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The plane is a twenty-year-old Boeing 757, according to Planespotters.net.

How safe is it to fly on an old aircraft?

A twenty-year-old plane???

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