While the left points the finger at guns, guns, guns, the real blame is being put on the FBI inability to investigate two attempts to alert them to the Florida school shooter, Yes, they dropped the ball twice on this!
The first were alerted to Nikolas Cruz last January from a YouTube user who reported him. They got a second tip in September from someone concerned with Cruz and his use of a gun.

FACT: “Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the family home of shooter Nikolas Cruz 39 times since 2010”

Shouldn’t there be better coordination between the FBI and local police departments?

Florida Governor Rick Scott just called for the resignation of the FBI Director. Is the FBI too busy politicizing a presidential election to see about important tips like this? Notice how they came out this afternoon with indictments on 13 Russian nationals in regards to supposed interference in the 2016 election. Distraction?


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