One of the many reasons to have a secure border is to keep diseases and illnesses out of America.

For every sick person detained by border patrol, how many others make it through to communities all across America to spread different illnesses?

How about those who present themselves at the border with a severe illness that requires more extensive treatment?  The cost and the risk to all Americans cannot be denied.

Who pays for the medical treatment of these people at the border or at our emergency rooms across the country? Shouldn’t we be asking for details on how much it costs to treat these people?

The cost has been reported at many different levels depending on who is doing the reporting. Forbes reported that the cost is $18.5 billion for all medical help for illegals:

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All told, Americans cross-subsidize health care for unauthorized immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year . Of this total, federal taxpayers provided $11.2 billion in subsidized care to unauthorized immigrants in 2016

Carlos Antúnez with U.S. Customs and Border Protections reported: “We’re seeing, for example, chicken pox, different strands of influenza, syphilis, scabies. This is something that we see with the illegal aliens and we have to provide treatment for them.”

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KDBC reports: A man who was in Border Patrol custody had to be treated for a flesh-eating bacteria.

The migrant who was already in custody at the Lordsburg, N.M. Border Patrol station told an agent Thursday about a growing rash he had.

He was taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Officials said hospital staff diagnosed him with a flesh-eating bacteria. They said he needed more extensive treatment.

On the same day, a large group of 306 crossed illegally at the southern New Mexico border.

Some of the people in the group were in need of immediate medical help and were taken to local hospitals for different illnesses. Not until this illegal was exposing others to his “rash” did the border patrol realize he had flesh-eating bacteria. Local hospitals are treating these people for so many different ailments but what if someone is brought in with a very contagious and deadly illness? Doesn’t that illegal put all around him at risk?

The cost must be enormous to treat these people who obviously have no way of paying. This falls on the backs of the American taxpayer. How fair is that?

Here’s a stat reported by CBS4local that will knock your socks off:

This is the 26th group consisting of more than 100 people since the beginning of the fiscal year in this area alone.


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