The first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden gave journalists a chance to trot out their fanciest adjectives and prose. The fickle press, however, has already returned to assorted Trump-bashing, speculation, and wishful thinking about a Biden victory or a reinvented nation.

But wait. Let’s not forget that another debate looms on the calendar. This one promises to present a stark contrast to Tuesday’s bout. For one thing, experts and critics are already proposing to cancel future debates or launch format changes to quell all that chaos and cacophony.

But who is the moderator?

When debate day dawns on Oct. 15 the moderator will be none other than Steve Scully, senior political editor of C-SPAN…but that’s not all… Scully is a FORMER BIDEN INTERN and Biden Bash Invitee!

Scully has worked for C-SPAN since 1991. He’s currently a producer, correspondent, and host for one of their morning programs, The Washington Journal. He’s also in charge of the network’s White House coverage. He’s even served on the Executive Board of the White House Correspondents’ Association, where he was the president of the association from 2006 until 2007.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight leftist host John Oliver has featured Scully on the show. Calling him “the most patient man on television,” the segment features clips from C-SPAN’s morning show, Washington Journal, for which Sully is the host. During the show, viewers call in to express their thoughts on whatever the show’s discussing that day, or literally whatever is on their mind.

Politico has praised Mr. Scully for his “evenhandedness.” The New Hampshire Union Leader describes him as “the gold standard for intelligent and impartial handling of conversation or debate on any political issue.” But something just doesn’t seem right granted Scully’s connection to Joe Biden!

And Steve Scully has an interesting resume. He was a former intern for JOE BIDEN!

“Scully received an undergraduate degree with honors in communication and political science from American University in Washington, D.C. During his degree he completed a study abroad program at the University of Copenhagen, served as an intern with Senator Joe Biden [5], and in Sen. Ted Kennedy’s media affairs office.”

Just in case far left Wikipedia deletes Scully’s links to Joe Biden here is a screen shot from his page:

(Photo Courtesy of Jimy Hoft)

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