Forty-three former Bush administration officials have come out to endorse Joe Biden and have even formed a PAC. If there was any doubt that the DC Swamp is deep, that doubt should be gone. As one former Trump official said, “If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, think again.”

This should fire up the Trump supporters who want a People’s President over a DC insider. The line is drawn in the sand.

Also, the radical leftist organization connected to George Soros, Move On just endorsed Joe Biden today:

“On the very same day he’s endorsed by hundreds of former Bush administration officials, he’s also earning the endorsement of MoveOn, a liberal progressive organization whose members voted overwhelmingly, they said, to support Biden.”

Andrea Mitchell announced the news that really only helps President Trump’s reelection. Mitchell is quoting NBC’s Mike Memoli in her tweets. Memoli should be on Biden’s campaign payroll. He’s so biased, it’s like he’s part of the campaign.

Read between the lines on this comment from a Biden supporter who is a member of the group. Bring back Globalism?

“While Bush & Biden were often at odds on foreign policy, you can understand why they would be more comfortable with Biden at the helm than what they’re seeing in terms of relationships w/ allies overseas, with the current president.”

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