Update: The previous headline has been updated to reflect Gillum was not the alleged meth overdose victim but was involved in the incident that took place in a Miami hotel room with two other men.

Former Tallahassee and Democrat candidate for Florida governor, Mayor Andrew Gillum was allegedly involved in a crystal meth incident at a Miami Beach hotel early this morning. Andrew Gillum ran for governor in a hotly contested race in 2018, that left Floridians furious after multiple mishaps with voter results in Broward County.

Less than one year before the election, a federal grand jury subpoenaed five years of city records related to redevelopment deals and developers, including a longtime friend, lobbyist and political ally of Mayor Gillum’s. The FBI interviewed Gillum, who stressed that the FBI told him he was not “the focus” of their investigation. A photo showed Gillum on a boat in New York City in 2016 with his lobbyist friend — Tampa native Adam Corey — and an undercover FBI agent who had been posing as a developer looking to do deals in Tallahassee.

These are photos from the controversial New York City trip. At bottom left, Andrew Gillum poses with Adam Corey and his brother, Marcus. Special to the Times/Herald

The next day, after Democrat Senate candidate Bill Nelson refused to concede the race to his Republican opponent, Governor Rick Scott, Andrew Gillum, shockingly withdrew his concessions to DeSantis, saying he wanted a recount. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was closely following the antics of Broward and Palm Beach County elections supervisors, quickly sounded the alarms on Twitter, warning that the Democrat lawyers were attempting to steal the vote from Republicans.

After dragging Florida through another election fiasco, Gillum finally conceded the race to the winner of the election, Republican Senator Ron DeSantis.

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The Miami New Times is now reporting that a source with knowledge of the incident confirmed that Gillum’s date of birth matches the identifying information of Andrew Gillum whose name is on an incident report circulating on Twitter this morning.

The incident is not being treated as a criminal matter. A copy of the report is embedded below; Gillum’s information was redacted in black by police, while New Times redacted additional personal information in blue.

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Candace Owens was allegedly the first person to break the story on Twitter. In her tweet, Owens adds: “Orgy suspected, but unconfirmed.”

According to the official police report, Miami Beach police arrived at the luxe Mondrian South Beach hotel room where the former Democrat Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, and Mr. Meijas were reportedly inside before 1 a.m. at the.

When Miami Police officers arrived at the scene, the Miami Beach Fire Rescue was treating Travis Dyson for a possible drug overdose. According to the report, Mr. Dyson was in stable condition.

Here are copies of the Miami Beach Police report on the incident:

The official police report states that Aldo Mejias, provided his credit card to Mr. Dyson to rent the hotel room yesterday afternoon. According to Meijas, the two men were supposed to meet later that day.

Mejias told police that he arrived at the hotel room around 11 p.m, and that Mr. Dyson opened the door and immediately walked over to the bed and collapsed in a “prone position” and started vomiting. Meijas noted that he also observed Gillum in the bathroom vomiting. When Mejias saw that Mr. Dyson was having breathing issues he tried to wake him and said he began giving Dyson chest compression and called police and fire rescue for help.

The officers state in the report that they found three small baggies of “suspected crystal meth” on “both the bed and floor of the hotel room.” Officers said Gillum was in “stable” condition and that Gillum left the hotel room “without incident” and went home.

Well, that’s strange, considering he was in a room with baggies of crystal meth…don’t you think?

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