Today, with his voice cracking, former special counsel Robert Mueller addressed the media, where he started out by saying he and his team are formally closing their investigation into the Trump campaign investigation.

“I’m speaking out today because our investigation is complete…”

“We are formally closing the special counsel’s office as well I’m resigning from the DOJ to return to private life,” Mueller said.

Mueller started out by revealing that Russian intelligence officers who are part of the Russian military, stole private information and that the release of the information was timed to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

“There were multiple systematic efforts [by Russia] to interfere with our election and that deserves the attention of every American,” Mueller said.

Mueller continued, revealing that the special counsel’s office never said that the President was not guilty of a crime. Mueller said, “The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse the President of wrongdoing,” eluding to the fact that they could not formally charge a sitting president with a crime. Mueller told the media, “If we had confidence he did not commit a crime we would have said so. We did not, however, have confidence that the president did not commit a crime.”

Mueller just gave the “impeach Trump” Democrats and their leader, Rep. Justin Amash (“R”-MI) the green light to go after President Trump.

Former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy told Fox News that Mueller made an “explosive statement,” saying, “We’re going to be talking about impeachment from now for the foreseeable future. McCarthy continued, ‘What Mueller said, which runs against what we have heard up until now, but was certainly suggested in his report, was that the office of legal counsel guidance was essentially the reason why they didn’t make a conclusion about obstruction.” McCarthy refuted what Mueller told the media, telling the Fox News host, “On the legal merits of that, I think he’s completely wrong. I think it was his responsibility to make a decision about whether there was a prosecutable case, and then it would have been up to the attorney general and the Justice Department to decide whether to invoke the guidance or not that says that a sitting president can’t  be indicted.”


Fox New’s Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume agreed with Andrew McCarthy mocked special counsel Mueller’s theatrics, saying he didn’t say anything to the media event that he didn’t say in his report.




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