At about 9:30 am this morning, Tony Ledbetter, Volusia County GOP chair tells Mike Springer of WFTV that he got a call from his volunteers to inform him, “the windows were broken”.

Ledbetter told Mike Springer of WFTV that when his volunteers walked into the building, they didn’t realize anything had happened until they saw four bullet holes in the front windows and four bullet holes inside the building. Tony Ledbetter, Chairman of the Volusia County GOP didn’t mince any words, telling WFTV, “So, you’ve got some sick person, and I’ll call them out, they’re Democrats. No Republicans got any reason to come and attack our location. So, some sick person wanted to express their anger and they took it out with violence.” Ledbetter explained that Republicans from his office are simply “manning early voting locations, we’re passing out Republican voting guides, we’re encouraging people to vote Republican”. The GOP County Chair continued, “And there are just some Democrats that have a problem with that.”

Mike Springer reports that the Police Department is saying that it appears the shots may have been fired from a handgun inside a vehicle.

Local WFTV reports about the Volusia County Republican Headquarters shooting:


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