Parler has held itself out as a pro free speech alternative to big tech giants Facebook and Twitter, who have landed themselves in hot water for censorhip in the past.  Parler’s mission statement on its website describes itself as  “The solution to problems that have surfaced in recent years due to changes in Big Tech policy influenced by various special-interest groups. Parler is built upon a foundation of respect for privacy and personal data, free speech, free markets, and ethical, transparent corporate policy.”  While Parler is now valued at a billion dollars, holding itself out as an advocate for free speec, the company has started to censor prominent conservative voices.

This week, Parler censored Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) when he posted a video of an interview with Judge Jeanine on FOX News.


Jordan has been an outspoken critic of the Biden administration and an ardent supporter of President Trump.  In the interview, he slams the Biden administration for lying about the vaccine mandate, his build back better agenda, and the Rittenhouse trial.  You can watch it here,

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Ex-Parler CEO John Matze said that since his ouster from the company, they have strayed away from its mission statement of being a free speech platform.  Matze was censured by the company after being fired for making “disparaging statements” about it and allegedly violating his confidentiality agreement with them.

“That’s not the vision I had for the company,” Matze told USA TODAY. “These people just want to censor me. Obviously, my statement about their vision not aligning with mine must be true considering they are trying to stop me from speaking my mind.”  Matze said in an interview with USA Today.


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