Immediately following the November 2020 election, hundreds of poll watchers from across the United States reported irregularities and outright fraud they witnessed on election day and the following day involving the counting of absentee ballots.

In Michigan, I testified in front of the MI Senate Oversight Committee about how I witnessed military ballots being counted at the TCF Center that appeared to be almost all votes for Biden or for “straight-party [Democrat],” and that many of them looked like “Xerox copies” of the same ballot.

As of May 4, 2020, the Heritage Foundation has identified up to 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud.

Examples include impersonation fraud at the polls; false voter registrations; duplicate voting; fraudulent absentee ballots; vote-buying; illegal assistance and intimidation of voters; ineligible voting, such as by aliens; altering of vote counts; and ballot petition fraud.

Just The News reports – Concerns from a polling manager in Georgia’s Fulton County about the unusual uniformity of mail-in ballots is the basis for the court-delayed inspection effort that is expected to resume in the coming weeks.

Polling manager Suzi Voyles says that when counting absentee ballots for the 2020 presidential election, thousands of them, perhaps tens of thousands, for then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to have been photocopied.

Voyles’ observation and similar ones from at least three other poll workers prompted them to come forward and swear under penalty of perjury that the ballots looked fake.

Election watchdogs have used their affidavits to help convince a state judge to unseal all of the 147,000 mail-in ballots counted in Fulton and allow a closer inspection of the suspicious Biden ballots for evidence of counterfeiting, The Epoch Times reports Tuesday.

Voyles also said she noticed that all of the ballots were printed on paper different from others she handled as part of a statewide hand recount of the presidential election.

She also said none were purportedly folded or creased, as she typically observed in mail-in ballots that had been removed from envelopes.

“All of them were strangely pristine,” said Voyles, who for 20 years has monitored elections in Fulton County, which includes much of Atlanta.

The watchdogs suspect as many as tens of thousands of the ballots may have been manufactured in a race that Biden won by just 12,000 votes, in large part because of the late surge in mail-in ballots counted after election monitors were asked to leave State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

“We have what is almost surely major absentee-ballot fraud in Fulton County involving 10,000 to 20,000 probably false ballots,” Garland Favorito, the lead petitioner in the case and a certified poll watcher who runs, told The Epoch Times.

Favorito said the sides will be in court on June 21 to resolve the motions. He expects talks over the logistics of the inspection to resume after the Fourth of July holiday, according to The Times.

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