A Georgia Congressman sounds the alarm on very suspicious behavior by a Fulton County employee. Rep. Barry Loudermilk represents Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, including all of Bartow and Cherokee counties and portions of Cobb and Fulton. His concern comes after he learned of an incident in Fulton County:

The Gateway Pundit reports that during an interview with Newsmax today, Rep. Loudermilk dropped a doozy. “A county employee and A judge have, as you reported, basically impounded certain voting machines to make sure they don’t wipe the data. Then we find out Fulton County effectively wiped its data because an IT technician who appears to be a county employee used the wrong server for the recount after Dominion told him not to use that server. And just in case there was a problem, they backed up the data, but they backed it up on the same server that crashed. Now we’re looking at do we even have the data on the Fulton County servers. We don’t know.”

Rep Loudermilk called for a ‘deeper forensic audit’ into the election in the tweet below:

“A forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machines needs to be performed.

Judge rules that Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee County election officials are prohibited from erasing or destroying any of these voting machines.”


During another interview with Newsmax, Rep. Loudermilk had discussed people voting illegally:

“What the Secretary of State is saying is we’ve already verified the signatures, and we’ve separated the ballots from the envelopes. You still have to verify that people who are voting are people that should be voting.

“Whether you can discount their ballot or not in the last election, we need to know, if it’s people who voted illegally, that they don’t do it again in this runoff.”

Rep. Loudermilk also discussed his reasons for a second audit:

“I believe there was fraud in this election…People say, ‘give us the evidence.’ Well, you have to investigate to get to the evidence. We have a lot of circumstantial evidence. I mean, if you look in Georgia, Republicans won up and down the ballot, except for the presidential and the Senate race.”

Pray that he gets that audit.

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