Italy’s Parliament is dissolved as globalist Prime Minister Mario Draghi finally resigns, devastating his globalist allies everywhere

The Italian people have had enough of globalism.

Mario Draghi, Italy’s Prime Minister since February 2021, resigned from office Thursday despite a request from the Italian President not to.

Italian PM Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi was a globalist and a technocrat. H had previously served as the head of the very one-world-order oriented European central bank. His closest allies include Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and radical globalist George Soros was also a supporter of Draghi’s efforts in Italy.

However, the Italian populist parties, which made up a majority of Draghi’s coalition backed out. Citing environmental and immigration concerns, Draghi had lost the support of most of his own coalition. The populist 5 Star Movement, which was a part of his coalition, and opposition, such as the right-wing populist Lega Nord, have made it clear that Draghi is unwanted.

His resignation forced the Italian President to dissolve Parliament, paving the way for fresh elections in which we can anticipate patriotic, populist leadership taking over.

Under Draghi, Italy worked closely with the Biden Administration to aid Ukraine. Draghi also had Italy work towards further integration with the European Union and had exclusively globalist aims. This is why Schwab and Soros liked Draghi and why Italian citizens do not. In fact–Draghi was considered Soros’s go-to leader in Europe due to their uniquely aligned interests.

His resignation is a massive blow to the globalist cause.

Italy is done with globalism as the populist parties force the Prime Minister to resign. It’s time for America to step up to the plate and do the same. We do not want globalist leaders.

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