There was a gotcha moment that cannot be ignored during the impeachment hearing today:

Lt. Col. Vindman admitted that he spoke to an unnamed individual in the intelligence community about Trump’s classified July 25 call.

Nunes tries to ask what department, and Schiff steps in to “protect the whistleblower.”

Remember that the whistleblower has been identified as a CIA official…

Basically, Rep. Schiff just essentially confirmed the person Vindman leaked to is the whistleblower!

The bigger question to come out of this is why did Schiff jump in when Vindman spoke about someone in intel if he claims he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is? Someone is lying…

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So Vindman committed perjury in his deposition about not knowing the identity of the whistleblower? He told Nunes he couldn’t name the second person he talked to about the phone call because he wouldn’t release the name of the whistleblower.

VINDMAN CORRECTS NUNES…Another self-important government lifer:


How did Vindman became NSC Director on Ukraine without knowing much about Ukrainian politics, corruption and the roles of foreign players in Ukraine?


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