Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent another busload of illegal immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. The bus, which arrived on Friday, dropped off about 50 migrants, many of whom are reportedly from Ecuador, Argentina, and Nicaragua.

Illegal immigrants being dropped off outside Kamala Harris’ D.C. home

The first two busloads of immigrants arrived on Kamala’s doorstep in September, just days after she announced that the southern border was “secure.”

This move comes just days after the first group of migrants was bused from Texas to the sanctuary city of Philadelphia, joining the list of Democrat-run cities that has touted its acceptance of illegal immigrants and welcomed an open-border policy.

Before sending the bus of immigrants to Philadelphia, Abbott said,

“Since April, Texas’ busing strategy has successfully provided much-needed relief to our border communities overwhelmed by the historic influx of migrants caused by President Biden’s reckless open border policies. Until the Biden Administration does its job and provides Texans and the American people with sustainable border security, Texas will continue doing more than any other state in the nation’s history to defend against an invasion along the border, including adding more sanctuary cities like Philadelphia as drop-off locations for our busing strategy.”


“Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has long-celebrated and fought for sanctuary city status, making the city an ideal addition to Texas’ list of drop-off locations,” added Abbott.

Philadelphia’s Democrat mayor, Jim Kenney, has reacted the same way all the other Democrat leaders have, calling Abbott and his administration “cruel and racist” for sending the bus of immigrants to his city. Kenney whined about how unfair it was that he didn’t get enough of a heads-up about the bus dropoff, as if Abbott gets time to prepare for the constant influx of immigrants into his state.

“It is sad and outrageous that Gov. Abbott and his administration continue to implement their cruel and racist policies using immigrant families – including children – as pawns to shamelessly push their warped political agenda,” said Mayor Kenney, who would rather someone else deal with the crisis that his political party has created.

Philadelphia Maor Jim Kenney

The immigrants wanted to come to America, and it should not be considered “cruel” to put them on a safe, heated bus with food provided, and take them to a sanctuary city. The only thing that the Democrat lawmakers in these cities are upset about is that it’s becoming their problem instead of someone else’s.

Because, in the mind of the Democrats, it is great that immigrants are being allowed to flood the southern cities and states, but if so many as 50 of them arrive in their city, it’s suddenly unfair and cruel.

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