Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats resigned recently so the Deep State assumed that the Deputy DNI Sue Gordon would take his place.

When President Trump nominated hard-hitting Republican John Ratcliffe, the Deep State actors went into full freakout mode trying everything to get rid of Ratcliffe. The bottom line is that Ratcliffe knows too much. He’s seen all of the declassified documents and knows all of the dirty players.

President Trump realized it would be a brutal fight similar to the Kavanaugh confirmation, so he pulled the nomination of Radcliffe. So the Deep State probably thought Sue Gordon would naturally move up the bureaucratic ladder and now be appointed as Director of National Intelligence…Nope!

Sue Gordon met with President Trump today in the Oval Office, and after the meeting, she resigned. President Trump tweeted out the announcement of Gordon’s departure:

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It must be a great move by President Trump because Democrats like Adam Schiff said Gordon’s departure is “devastating”.

Admiral Joseph Maguire was appointed acting director of DNI immediately after the resignation of Gordon. Here’s a great video of Maguire speaking about his past accomplishments:

We go from a career politician at the helm of the DNI to a Navy Special Ops Veteran…Great job Mr. President!

Just last week, Donald Trump Jr. was calling out Gordon: The fact that Gordon is besties with John Brennan and others in the Deep State is proof that she needs to go to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

When Schiff, Warner, and other Deep State Democrats freak out, it means President Trump did the right thing.


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