A helicopter crash-landed on top of a high-rise building in Midtown Manhattan Monday afternoon. Originally, reports claimed that the helicopter crashed into the building.

The FDNY says the incident happened at Seventh Avenue and West 49th Street — the AXA Equitable Center. Because of the Trump Tower, there is a 2-mile airspace restriction. According to authorities, the helicopter was violating that space.

The accident is under investigation. Governor Cuomo is saying there is no evidence of terror related to the accident.

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The live coverage can be seen here:


According to the New York Post -At least one person, believed to be the pilot, was killed, a senior NYPD official said.

The “hard landing” sparked a fire on the roof of 787 Seventh Avenue that has already been extinguished, the NYPD tweeted.

The incident occurred shortly before 2 p.m. during rain and fog.

There is no landing pad on top of the building, officials said.

Zach Escalante, a computer programmer who works on the third floor, said, “We felt the building move.”

“It felt like something hit or impacted the building,” he said.

New York’s Governor Cuomo can be seen making a statement about the crash here:

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