Our first female candidate for President is so crooked and dirty that she actually used a teenage girl actress to stage a question designed to trash Trump at her Haverford, PA Townhall. What kind of woman would be okay with a young girl lying in front of an entire crowd of people for the sole purpose of making herself look good? Guess what Hillary? Asking young teenage girls to lie for you doesn’t look so good…

Brennan’s father is Daylin Leach a left-wing member of the PA House, who happened to mention how offended he was by Trump’s alleged “fat pig” comment in his Facebook post below.

The Youtube Spanglevision owner did amazing investigative work to prove his case. From his Youtube video: Hillary has no shame; she used a 15 year old child actor (Brennan Leach) to further her anti-Trump narrative. What kind of role model is Hillary for women teaching teenage girls that cheating is an acceptable form of winning?

Here is Brenna’s father, Daylin Leach discussing his support for Hillary Clinton on his Facebook page, as well as his disdain for Donald Trump. Hmmmm….I wonder who helped her to format that question?

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Here is the text from his Facebook post. The original post can be found below:

BERNIE vs. HILLARY manifesto

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I have tried to largely avoid posting on Bernie vs. Hillary. Donald Trump provides me with more than enough material to keep me busy. But I feel the need say a few things
First, full disclosure, I am a Hillary delegate. I like Hillary. I agree with Bernie more on a couple of issues, but generally speaking, they are both progressive enough. And I don’t always support the most progressive candidate for President. I support the most progressive candidate WHO CAN WIN. I didn’t support Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Al Sharpton, etc., because they were all unelectable.
I’ve always found Bernie unelectable. Current polls are meaningless. Nobody has ever run a negative ad against Bernie. Once the Republicans spend a billion dollars, he will look like the love child of Che Guevara and Julius Rosenberg. But hey, you may disagree with me. Fine. My point is not to convince anyone to vote for Hillary in the primary.
The fall however is a different story. I have seen too many liberals say that Hillary is imperfect, and she is not progressive enough on some issue or other, or she takes corporate money (like Obama, Kerry, Gore, etc. did) or that they don’t like her, and thus they are not voting for her. They will write in Bernie, or vote for the Tofu Party, or whatever. I feel compelled to say that for a progressive, that is simply immoral and insane.
Clinton’s rating from progressive organizations while in the senate was virtually identical to Sanders. She may not call for raising the minimum wage to $15 (which is my bill in PA) but to $12. She may want to expand Obamacare rather than establish single payer. But these are all steps in a progressive direction.
But even more importantly, Clinton is not running against Franklin Roosevelt in the fall. She is running against an outright racist, xenophobic authoritarian, who promises to bring back torture, feels workers “make too much” is anti-choice, calls women “fat pigs”  promises to “bomb the shit out of” whole bunches of people and ban entire religions from our nation.
Wait, I’m not done. He will appoint an extreme right-wing Supreme Court that will persist for decades. He is anti-union, wants to eliminate “the Department of Environmental” thinks climate change is a “hoax invented by China”. He is a birther and a conspiracy theorist generally.
He knows nothing about any issue other than he will solve it with something ‘beautiful, huge and tremendous which everyone will love, believe me”. He tells people at his rallies to “beat the crap out of” protesters, and he wants to curtail freedom of the press so he can sue reporters who write bad stories about him.
So when someone says they “won’t vote for the lesser of two evils”, that is just lazy and sloppy thinking. There is no parity of evil. There is impure and maybe off-putting versus true, crypto fascist evil. It’s like if someone threatened to cut off your toe or your entire leg. Would you say “I’m not going to choose, because I don’t like either option”?
The thing is, this isn’t some academic exercise where we can be self-righteously pure. This will affect people’s lives directly.
So again, it is simply immoral and insane for progressives to pretend that who wins in November doesn’t matter. Think of it this way. Lets say on a scale of 1-100 measuring how progressive a candidate is, Bernie is a 90. And lets say Hillary is only a 70 (not fair, but lets just say). Trump is about a 2. So if you are really progressive. You vote for 70 over 2. You don’t sit it out because you can’t have 90.
This why its not only important to work for Hillary in the fall, but maybe to stop attacking her once she has mathematically clinched the nomination. Because, in the end, it really, really matters.

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