Will the State Department ever tell the truth and prove that careless, reckless, lying Hillary was responsible for his death? 

A State Department spokeswoman dodged questions Monday about whether the discussion of Shahram Amiri, an Iranian scientist who was executed by the Iranian government for working with the U.S., in a pair of Hillary Clinton’s private emails may have played a role in his recent fate.

“We’re not going to comment on what may have led to this event,” said Elizabeth Trudeau, a State Department spokeswoman.

“I couldn’t speak to Iranian judicial procedures related to this specific case,” Trudeau said. “We’ve made our concerns known writ large around Iranian due process.”

She noted the State Department had been “very public about this case when [Amiri] chose to return to Iran,” pointing to a press conference Clinton gave in July 2010.

In those remarks, Clinton compared Amiri’s ability to leave the U.S. on “his own free will” with Iran’s decision “to hold three young Americans against their will.” She did not reference the scientist’s work with the U.S. government.

But emails made public in August show State Department aides referring to Amiri as “our friend.” An Iranian official was quoted attributing Amiri’s execution to his collusion with the “Great Satan,” America. –Washington Examiner

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