After two years, suppressed January 6 video footage is finally surfacing and drawing attention to the horrifying death of Roseanne Boyland. Finally, her story is being brought to the forefront as Americans demand justice and an investigation of what happened at the Capitol rather than a politically charged narrative regarding what occurred. Ronald ‘Colt’ McAbee was reportedly one of over a dozen men that attempted to rescue Boyland from the D.C. Metro police after she was allegedly beaten with a walking stick even after she collapsed. McAbee was serving as a Tennessee sheriff’s deputy at the time and worked frantically to resuscitate Boyland.

Rosanne Boyland with her parents.

The incident is said to have occurred on January 6 on the Lower West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol. McAbee wrote an emotional letter to Boyland’s parents, telling them he is haunted by the events of the day, vowing to tell her story until the murdered victim and her family receive justice.
In a handwritten note, McAbbe told the Boylands,

“I apologize for it taking me two years to say this, but I am sorry for what happened to Rosanne. I am sorry that I couldn’t reach her in time. Lord knows I tried.”

Bret Boyland, Roseanne’s suffering father, told the Epoch times they were grateful for McAbbe’s actions, “He does not need to blame himself for anything.”
There has been a steady stream of calls for two years to investigate Rosanne Boyland’s violent death. What’s also troubling is that police standing feet away did not appear to offer any help but rather could be seen delivering blows with a stick and do not seem responsive when the crowd was yelling to alert the police that people were being injured.
Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit told Steve Bannon that they had scoured the final J6 document report and could not find any mention of Boyland’s name. He also told Bannon that the media said Boyland died of an overdose rather than being beaten on the U.S. capitol steps. He noted that the J6 committee had access to the video footage showing Boyland’s horrific death, but it was not addressed as it did not fit with the narrative the media and the politicians hoped to portray regarding the protest.
Yet eye-witnesses said the police did not attempt to help Roseanne, spraying her with pepper spray after she was already injured and creating a deadly stampede as they pushed protestors backward despite calls that people were being crushed by their actions. The heartbreaking video footage shows Philip Anderson testifying he was holding Boyland’s hand while she died.

J6 Prisoner Jake Lang (left) and Philip Anderson (right) tried to help Boyland

He said the Capitol Police Department ruled that it was objectively reasonable for a police officer to beat Boyland over the head while she lay dying on the sidewalk. (Warning: Graphic Video)

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Eric Pistey re-Tweeted Jack Posobiecs post, showing Lila Morris, the officer accused of beating Roseanne Boyland to death with a stick, saying, “Today I learned about Roseanne Boyland who died from being beaten to death by a U.S. Capitol police officer – incredible story you probably haven’t heard.”

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