In an interesting turn of events, Democrat Brad Sherman of California, came out against the Palestinian offensive against Israel, going so far as to say “Every one of these rockets was a war crime”. He also postulated that “Hamas has fired 4,500 rockets into Israel for the sole purpose of killing as many civilians as possible”.

Rep. Sherman pleaded Israel’s case when he appeared in the House Foreign Affairs Committee to talk about the 2022 budget for his department. Sherman placed emphasis on the “Iron Dome” which is Israel’s main defense system in intercepting rockets fired by Hamas. After the most recent onslaught, the Iron Dome is in acute need of replenishment, something which Rep. Sherman is looking to the Biden regime to provide assistance on.


During the hearing where Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was present, Rep. Sherman made the case that the Iron Dome is not only instrumental in saving countless Israeli lives, but many Palestinian lives as well because the mere usage of the Iron Dome brings conflicts to a much quicker end, thereby minimizing collateral damage on the Palestinian side as well.

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Rep. Sherman acknowledged that replenishing this vital defense system will not lead to bringing war criminals to justice, but was nonetheless positive about the endeavor as it would nonetheless serve as a preventative mechanism to discourage future potential intrusions by Hamas and their ilk.

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