While the left is shutting down whatever they can because they claim coronavirus will spread if people go about their lives, Black Lives Matter gets to gather by the hundreds tonight at Brooklyn Museum for a “vigil” with hundreds of people. Somehow this is ok with the left. Where is the news media? There is no reporting from CNN or MSNBC on this gathering.

Drew Hernandez reports that hundreds gathered and were not practicing social distancing. There was also free unregulated street food at the event.

Hernandez confirms that this BLM gathering has morphed into “Black Female Trans Supremacy.” This was the case last month when thousands gathered at the Brooklyn Museum to protest Black Lives Matter Trans Lives (see video below).

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They’re using a child to try and turn the people in the crowd against white people:

While other Americans are ordered to conform to mask-wearing and forbidden from large gatherings in some places, BLM is ignored. Double Standards…Double Standards everywhere…

This was from June 14th when thousands gathered for Black Trans Lives:

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