According to a Tuesday court filing, Hunter Biden will be the beneficiary of an easy sentence made possible because of his relationship with Joe. Hunter’s legal team has negotiated a deal with federal prosecutors which falls vastly short of justice. Hunter’s sketchy finances, gun charges, illicit drug use, and suspicious international business ventures will yield him just two misdemeanor charges.

Apparently, Hunter Biden will plead guilty to the misdemeanor charges to avoid additional prosecution, according to The New York Times. The deal has been hashed out over several months and still has to be approved by a federal judge.
Under the proposed DOJ deal, Hunter would be charged but not prosecuted and would be expected to remain drug-free for two years and agree not to purchase or own another firearm. In the next few days, Hunter is expected to appear in Delaware in federal court and plead guilty to the tax misdemeanors.
Hunter’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, issued a statement saying that five years of investigating Hunter, at the taxpayers expense, only yielded two misdemeanors.

“With the announcement of two agreements between my client, Hunter Biden, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware, it is my understanding that the five-year investigation into Hunter is resolved.”

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton called the plea deal an “in-your-face” show of contempt for the rule of law. Biden regime gives sweetheart plea deal to Hunter Biden. Avoids prosecutions tied to foreign bribery and Joe.

President Trump also issued a statement calling the DOJ ‘blatantly politicized under Joe Biden and AG Garland.  “The plea deal that they cut with Hunter Biden reeks of favoritism and brazenly reveals a system where there are two-tiers of Justice, wholly dependent on your political affiliation…We are no longer a nation with equal justice under the law, but rather something more akin to a banana republic, where the law exists to protect the ruling class while targeting the opposition.”

Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert weighed in as well, noting that despite a federal gun law violation and failure to pay his taxes for multiple years, “There was no raid of his crackhouse. There was no jail time. No flashy indictments. His lawyer says the investigation is over, and they’re wrapping a nice little bow on it. If you think this is justice being served, you’re sadly mistaken.”


Jack Posobiec noted the timing of Hunter’s plea deal, saying, “On the same day we find out Trump’s criminal trial has been fast-tracked to 8 weeks from today we also find out Hunter Biden has been given a plea deal for the entire laptop.”

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