Karol Markowicz a journalist with the New York Post and Fox News, was first to report that a 28-year-old female shooter at the Covenant Christian elementary school is a transgender person whose name is Audrey Hale. Authorities believe that she previously attended Covenant elementary school.

According to Markowicz, Hale also shot a police officer who engaged her during the shooting, and he is in stable condition.

Markowitz shared Hale’s date of birth, which confirms that she turned 28 years old only three days ago.

Conservative personality DC Draino shared an image of Audrey Hale on Twitter:


DC Draino has also reported that the Nashville shooter is a biological female who identifies as He/Him.

He also posted artwork that he found on Audrey Hale’s website, which includes quotes from the violent, bloody movie, “The Shining,” with Jack Nicholson.

NBC News has just confirmed the reports above:

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